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Tree, flower, shrub, and lawn growth -- Lawn care and maintenance -- Lawn irrigation -- Weed and fungal control -- Sod installation -- Tree removal -- Landscape design and construction -- Shrub trimming -- Backhoe services -- Lot and land clearing -- Mulching -- Grading -- ...And everything in-between!
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Lawn Care Pros GA (Macon) is a premier residential and commercial lawn care company serving clients in Macon, Georgia, and throughout the region. We deliver a great range of lawn care programs, and we use only the best products in our lawn care treatment services. This results in the green, weed-free lawn you desire and deserve. At Lawn Care Pros GA (Macon), your satisfaction is our biggest success!

Other lawn care companies just cannot compare to the outstanding yard care services we always provide. Our year-round program of unending treatment consists of bio-nutrition, targeted pre- and post-emergent weed control application, and strategic fertilization. We use products that are custom-formulated specifically for our unique weather conditions in the Macon area. By strategically timing every one of our applications throughout the year, every one of our lawns that we service will continue to look picturesque (regardless of the season!).

Plus, we can achieve those results using safe lawn care products. You will not have to worry about the safety of your children or pets after our lawn treatments. We make all efforts to limit the amount of chemicals used on your lawn. Thus, we are very proud to have found a way of producing healthy, hearty lawns without putting any of your family’s loved ones’ health or the environment at risk.

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Lawn Care

Your lawn is an important extension of your home.  Regular lawn care and maintenance keeps a home looking beautiful and inviting with the grass lush and green.  Weekly lawn mowing, regular watering and weeding, driveway cleaning, summer pruning of trees and shrubs, and fall yard cleanup to remove leaves and debris are some of the activities homeowners can undertake in order to appropriately care for their lawns.

For homeowners with a large lawn, a full-service lawn care provider can handle a larger range of tasks as compared to a DIY approach.  Many lawn care professionals and companies in Macon, Georgia, offer different packages with varying monthly fees depending on lawn size and the level of service desired by the customer.

Prices for lawn care maintenance can vary depending on regional cost of doing business and labor, size of lawn, and any additional services desired.  Professionals may charge an hourly rate, a flat fee, or by the square foot.  Distance may also affect cost if a homeowner lives outside the company’s standard service range.

Lawn Care Pros of Georgia is a residential and commercial lawn care company servicing clients in Macon and throughout the region.  The Company’s year-round program of lawn treatment consists of bio-nutrition, weed control application, and strategic fertilization. Lawn Care Pros of Georgia offers services such as lawn irrigation, sod installation, tree removal, landscape design and construction, lot and land clearing, mulching, and more.  Potential customers can contact the company to inquire more about lawn services in Macon.

Lawn Mowing Services

When it comes to mowing the lawn, longer grass is healthier grass.  To maintain ongoing health, mowing lawns requires proper technique.  Wet grass can clog a lawnmower, therefore, it is recommended to mow when the grass is dry.  Lawn services in Macon can help homeowners save the hassle of doing it themselves.

Grass will lean toward the direction in which you mow, so it is recommended to mow in a different direction each time to promote even growth.  Most lawns require mowing at least once a week during late spring through early summer.  Removing more than one-third of the height of grass can affect healthy root growth, which means that the lawn will need more water.  Mowing too early in early spring creates shallow, weak roots that cannot withstand summer heat.


Landscaping involves renovating and maintaining property grounds for aesthetic appeal.  Certain landscapes incorporate different themes such as rustic, modern, or elegant.  Floral, fauna, trees, functional, and aesthetic décor are all used to create the landscaping theme.

For homeowners looking to create landscapes, there are a few important elements they should pay attention to, in particular: shrubbery, water gardens, walking paths, driveways, fencing, ponds, fire pits, and outdoor patio areas.  It is possible to create a great impression using color schemes and effective landscape design.

Landscapes require regular maintenance in order to look inviting.  The type of plants, shrubs, and flowers installed will determine the level of maintenance.  Prior to executing a landscaping plan, professional landscapers consider various factors such as climate, the amount of sunlight, soil type, budget, and more.

Professional landscaping companies in Macon aim to deliver the highest quality landscaping services, superior customer service, and a one-stop-shop to meet all landscaping needs.  Landscaping is part-art, part-science, and part hard work.  New technologies, equipment, and fertilizers emerge every year.

For customers in Macon, landscaping companies can provide guidance on value-added systems such as sprinkler systems, irrigation maintenance, planting beds, boulder accents, water features such as waterfalls and ponds, specialty fences, lighting, and more.

Ongoing maintenance services by a landscaping company in Macon help keep a property looking beautiful.  Typical maintenance services include arbor care, water management, mowing and trimming, spring and fall leaf pick-up, lawn fertilization programs, tree injections, spring annual plantings, insect/disease analysis & treatment, and more.

Landscaping companies in Georgia know that plants can bring a landscape to life.  With extensive experience in selecting plants for the central Georgia climate and access to the best nurseries in the region, Lawn Care Pros of Georgia services in Macon can help homeowners select the best trees, shrubs and perennial plants for their unique landscaping designs.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Lawn Care Pros of Macon is a premier provider of irrigation and sprinkler systems. We have been in business for over 30 years, so we know what it takes to design the best system for your property.

Our team has experience with all types of landscapes and can install a system that will work perfectly for you. Whether you need an automatic timer or want to add some water features, we’ve got you covered!

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